Pair of Flower PVC Mug Wall Sticker

Pair of Flower PVC Mug Wall Sticker

Pair of Flower PVC Mug Wall Sticker

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Product parameters:

  • 1. Material: environmentally friendly PVC
  • 2. Scope: bed, bedroom, kitchen, living room, restaurant, cafe, dormitory, etc.
  • 3. Style: Vintage and Classic
  • Function: deodorization, mildew proof, antifouling, green decoration, waterproof, high color fastness.
  • 5. Size: approx.42x33CM

Instructions for use:

  • 1. Attach it to the surface of the glasses or tiles, first dry the surface with a clean cloth, and then paste.
  • 2. If the wall is damped, aged or just painted, the wall sticker may fall off automatically after pasting. Therefore, you can use a blower to dry the wall with hot air or after the paint has evaporated for a while. Please carefully select the paste location.
  • 3. If you paste the sticker in the wrong position on the wall, you can gently lift the side of the sticker and tear it off with a small , if you re-stick it.

Package Include:

  • 1x Wallpaper sticker

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